The Performance Group

1967-70 In New York City

I was a founding member of THE PERFORMANCE GROUP, directed by Richard Schechner. TPG renovated The Performing Garage which is still an active experimental theatre on Wooster St. SOHO.

Remi-youngWe developed the OBIE-award winning DIONYSUS IN 69 based on improvisations with Euripides’ THE BACCHAE. During this time, we studied with Jerzy Grotowski and spent months learning his psycho-physical techniques for the actor. We travelled to Europe where we won 1st Prize at Belgrade International Theatre Festival, and also toured the USA. We then developed an experimental production of MAKBETH (sic). Brian DePalma made a film of our DIONYSUS. This was a powerful period of innovation and creativity in the performing arts in New York City where the theatrical community was highly responsive to political and social developments, nationally and internationally.

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